Freedom vs. Globalism

Freedom and the right to self-rule is completely incompatible with a globalist policy of open borders and unimpeded trade. Think about it. Freedom includes the right of association (and disassociation). If everything is open and inter-dependent, there is no self-reliance. In a global scenario, no community stands on its own, and therefore is not free to peaceably cut relations with the outside. To do so is suicide.

Self-reliance is the way to go. Local control is always preferable to centralization. The closer the power structure is to those it serves, the better, as it places a greater disincentive on doing wrong and makes it harder for people to become disinterested in following their representatives’ actions. If self-reliance is not possible, then federation is an option. The point at which self-reliance is just possible is the key to striking a perfect balance between too large and just large enough.


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